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Because "Learnig" is a great way to forget about

about what's going on outside


Hello! I'm Julieta. I speak like... a bunch of Western languages, and thought that since everyone has a lot of free time, maybe some people would be interested in picking up Spanish again, trying their hand at French, or maybe you'd want this for your kids (we could even do some ultra beginner Japanese!).

Feel free to browse through this very brief website, and get in touch if there's anything that piques your interest! Regardless of what you pick, my aim is to go at your preferred pace, and adapt to your goals!



Image by sydney Rae

April 2020

Español básico

Español conversacional

Maybe you studied Spanish a long time ago, and would like to brush-up on it, or maybe you're like, super ​great, but don't get to use it anymore, and would like to practice it some. Maybe you want your kids to learn a foreign language! Whatever it is, I'm here for you.

Cubos del alfabeto

All ages

Ideal for:

Image by Nosiuol

April 2020

Intro to French 

Conversational French

Same as with my Spanish course, if you'd like to brush-up on the basics, practice a little bit, or support your kids in learning a new language, what better time than now to give it a try?

Cubos del alfabeto

All ages

Ideal for:

Image by Ivan Shilov

April 2020

Conversational English 


For those of you who wish to practice or perfect your English conversational skills. Whether you want to improve for career purposes, or just as a hobby, I can adapt to your needs, and goals. 


Cubos del alfabeto

All ages

Ideal for:

  • Internet

  • Webcam

  • Microphone or headset

Payment Method
  • $15 USD per hour

  • For the time being, I can only take Paypal.


I currently live in Japan, so please feel free to contact me so we can come up with a schedule that would work for the both of us!



 Julieta Colás is a Mexican illustrator currently living in Tokyo, Japan. 

 She got her BA in Applied Linguistics to Translation and Interpreting at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, and later went on to study Classical Animation at the Vancouver Film School. She's currently enrolled in the Animation Background Art program at the Yoyogi Animation Academy.

 From 2013 to 2019 she as an Adjunct Professor at CEDIM and ITESM in their respective Animation BA programs. She really likes teaching, and talking. 


Thank you for contacting us!

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